Young Karimojong publish research findings on local decision-making

Ekoi and Etem coverThis month we celebrate the launch of a new book, Etem and Akiriket in Karamoja, produced by the Karamoja Action Research Team (KART), a group of young Karimojong researchers supported by Restless Development, Pastoralist Communication Initiative and the Institute of Development Studies. They have documented issues of land, peace and justice, using a novel approach across the three districts of Moroto, Napak and Kotido. Interviewing over 500 Karimojong, visiting more than 80 communities, staying overnight and engaging with a wide range of people, they stimulated debates and action on herder-cultivator disputes, crime and conflict and land annexation. Etem and Akiriket is their second publication and follows the success of Strength, Creativity and Livelihoods of Karimojong Youth, published in 2011.

The new book offers unique insight into the problems of development in post-conflict Karamoja and throws light on how the society is rebuilding its capacity to deliberate and make decisions in community fora (etem) and traditional parliaments (akiriket) in concert with local government. The book paints a vivid picture of a region in transition.

For KART the book is the start of a longer story. This month they return to communities to present the research and assist local leaders to invite government and NGOs to consider the findings. As their contribution and expertise has been recognised by communities and government, the team has formally registered as a local organisation. They plan to continue their work as Karimojong researchers working for Karamoja.

KART has been supported by Restless Development in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies and the Pastoralist Communication Initiative. The research was funded by Irish Aid. Read the book Ekoi and Akiriket in Karamoja here (2.4MB).

(November 2013)